Amazing family at Valley Forge National Historical park...and the only person to ever warm my hands at a shoot

Freezing temperatures, wind, and blinding sun, this family was awesome. We picked a few spots at Valley Forge National Historical park and went at it. Michelle's family was so fun and nice! Her mother literally warmed my freezing hands at the end of the shoot. The true mark of an incredibly caring person. Also, I love it when people get super excited about a location. Her father (after a long time out in the cold where I'm sure he didn't want to be) found an awesome spot and we got a great shot of the two them. Such a successful day! michelle_blog-1-2 michelle_blog-3 michelle_blog-2 michelle_blog-5 michelle_blog-6 michelle_blog-4 michelle_blog-8 michelle_blog-7 michelle_blog-9 michelle_blog-10 michelle_blog-11 michelle_blog-12