Christmas eve winter wonderland

This Christmas I got to spend some of my time with the gigantic Mashack family. They do Christmas eve right. A whole night of big family time, Christmas fun, and a whole lot of love. We even got a little snow to top it of. Not too fun to get to Christmas eve dinner, but completely beautiful to shoot in so I'm ok with it. In and out all night, we did portraits of everyone and their families...and let me tell you...there are a lot of them. I wouldn't have spent my Christmas eve any other way. Also, this family is seriously gorgeous. See for yourselves. =)  

c_eve01 c_eve02 c_eve03 c_eve04 c_eve05 c_eve06 c_eve07 c_eve08 c_eve09 c_eve10 c_eve11 c_eve12 c_eve13 c_eve14 c_eve15 c_eve16 c_eve17 c_eve18 c_eve19 c_eve20 c_eve21 c_eve22 c_eve23 c_eve24 c_eve25 c_eve26 c_eve27 c_eve28 c_eve29 c_eve30 c_eve31 c_eve32 c_eve34 c_eve33 c_eve35