Westward travels

This summer, my first trip was to a little town called Clarion in western Pennsylvania with my buds Jino and Joshy.  I figured now was as good of time as any to allow myself to wander into photos from the past year and work on some memories I’d like to revisit. Clarion served us well with omelets, trees, some river jumping, and a tad bit of rainy camping. There was also a bar somewhere along the way of our 3 hour search of the right campsite that had a big cowboy outside and 37 wing flavors…yes…37…that I will one day revisit. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to stop, but there were so many awesome, nifty little roadside stops. One day I will revisit them. One day. clearion_single-2 clearion_single-4 clearion_single-3 clearion_single-5 blog_1 clearion_single-6 clearion_single-7 clearion_single-10 clearion_single-8 blog_2 clearion_single-11 clearion_single-15 clearion_single-22 clearion_single-23 blog_3 clearion_single-25 blog_4 clearion_single-24clearion_single-26 clearion_single-27 clearion_single-19blog_5 clearion_single-20 clearion_single-18 clearion_single-17 clearion_single-16 clearion_single-21 clearion_single-29 blog_6 clearion_blog-15 clearion_single-32 clearion_single-33 clearion_single-34