Holidays and horses

When I first talked with Kate, we were trying to find the perfect location for our shoot with her family. We went back and forth for a little planning and deciding. Then she sent me a picture of her father's amazing, awesome, totally neat vintage truck. Right there I was sold. It's a complete bonus that it was located on her parents' horse farm. When I pulled in, I was stunned at how beautiful their farm was. Complete with a big Christmas wreath on their barn doors and horses and dogs running around. Anything with animals (especially dogs) and I'm in love. This location could not have been more perfect! Even though poor little Brynlee was not feeling too hot, she managed to be completely adorable and steal the show. And we got to be there when she had her first candy cane. This shoot completely got me stoked for Christmas! It was also the perfect time to shoot with one of the new second shooters for this upcoming wedding season. Tara was great and I love the images she captured. So excited for this upcoming season!  

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