A little Thanksgiving Eve treat for all you fine folks!

This is my third time shooting with the Wehrs and every time it gets more and more fun. Kensie is seriously one of the funniest and most photogenic little girls I've ever met. And now there is ANOTHER little one! My first time meeting Colson was no disappointment. This little bundle of joy is adorable! And he has his hands full with a big sister like Kensie. This shoot definitely got the holiday spirits rolling. We got to decorate 3 trees..that's right..not just one, but 3..did I mention it was at a Christmas tree farm too? Seeing how excited Kensie was to decorate made this session so fun! Lesson learned...have something fun that you can promise little kids they can do while you're shooting. It makes the images better AND you get to have a fun time. Bonus on both parts. Sparkles and pretty dresses she wants to pose in help as well. Also, how gorgeous is this family, right??? wehr_blog blog_3 blog_2 wehr_blog-8 blog_1 wehr_blog-11 blog_4 wehr_blog-21 blog_5 wehr_blog-13 blog_10 wehr_blog-25 blog_7 blog_6 wehr_blog-24 wehr_blog-14 blog_8 wehr_blog-31