The high cost of low prices...for photographers.

"Rather than a profession, photography has always been a passion for me, a passion closer to an obsession."

-Marc Ribound



I'm afraid the time has come my friends...time to talk about raising prices. It's time for me to announce that come January, session prices for Gabrielle Elizabeth Photography will be raised in order to keep up with the competitive pricing and endless talent found in Philadelphia photography businesses. I know many people don't understand the "high cost" of simply getting your picture taken, but there is so much more that goes into it than customers are aware of. I consider photography an art form. I take great pride in the images that I capture for you and your family and I put my heart and soul into it from the moment we start talking right up to the delivery of your images. I want to have the option to present you with a better product and a more personalized experience than my current prices allow. Gabrielle Elizabeth Photography is making the move into boutique wedding and portrait photography and I want all of you lovely people to come with me! In the works is a complete new website and branding that I can't wait to reveal. It will focus on the personal experience that I aim to create with my clients and include helpful items such as what to expect, pricing guides, what to wear pamphlets, custom slide shows for each client, viewing sessions, and much more that will help us get to know each other and create beautiful, honest photographs of you that capture your unique personality and love. I will be offering more products and stylized shoots as well as wedding collections that include two photographers, prints, and high resolution images. I will also be starting boudoir sessions for brides and lovely ladies to show off their beauty and drop dead gorgeous personalities.

If you're looking to book a wedding or a session with Gabrielle Elizabeth Photography and do so before January 1, 2014, all current prices will be honored. However, any booked after January will be subject to new pricing. So get your bookings in now! This includes all sessions: wedding, portraiture, and boudoir. If you'd like to inquire about a session and get a quote, please email me at I'd love to talk with you and plan out a shoot that fits you perfectly!

If you'd like to read a little bit more on the background of what goes into your photography, this article is pretty funny and sadly accurate: why is wedding photography so expensive?