John, Ann, and a hike with some sweet pups.

Meeting with John and Ann was definitely what I consider a treat. They took me to a new, beautiful location, showed me some good places for swimming, and I got to photograph this adorable couple for a few hours. What could be better?  It's a good sign when I feel like I was laughing the whole time we were shooting and the entire time I was editing. Seriously happy people make me seriously happy. I can't wait to spend the day with them in April when they tie the knot! ann_johnblog_1blog_2ann_john-6ann_john-10ann_john-12ann_john-16blog_3ann_john-19blog_4ann_john-21ann_john-22ann_john-14ann_john-24ann_john-23ann_john-25ann_john-27ann_john-28ann_john-29ann_john-32blog_5ann_john-33blog_6ann_john-36ann_john-37