Engagement shoot sweet deal!



So I'm the kind of person that is always trying to be thrifty. Seriously. ALWAYS. So I thought to myself, why not help other people like me out? Are you the kind of person that buys 20 jars of spaghetti sauce when it's on sale so you can save $1.20 on your spaghetti dinner when you have a hankering for Italian for the next 10 months? Me too. So here it is folks. Fall is an amazing time for photographs outside. Seriously amazing. Beautiful golden light, bright leaves, and crisp air. I'm offering 15% off of ALL engagement shoots booked for between now and November 17. Take advantage of this and get some gorgeous shots of you and your lovely other!

And let your friends know! I always love it when someone shares a deal with me. Let's get out there and finally get some photographs you'll love!