All I want is open air.

So it's starting to dawn on me that I'll be staying put this summer. No living in Rome, no making new friends in Scotland, and no watching the sunset on a cliff in Greece. Weird, right? All of this summer and film photography thought has me thinking about a beach that we went to in Scotland last summer. There is something so calm about a cool, deserted beach. It's got lots of rocks and no people setting up their annoying umbrellas that are going to blow away anyway. Just some seaweed, dead birds, lots of mossy rocks, and unlimited smooth, colorful stones. Sounds like the perfect place, right? Right. This got me thinking. This place was close to the house that we were staying at. There's lots of places close to other places that I've never been. Maybe I won't travel the west coast this summer, but there's got to be places to see that I won't break the bank, right? So let's hear it people. What are the most amazing/interesting/worthwhile places (and eateries, because let's be honest...I love to eat) that are accessible on the east coast? I'm not afraid to drive a little either. And by a little, I mean a lot.