Chris and MaryBeth at Regents' Glen Country Club

Although I couldn't make it to their destination ceremony in Mexico, I'm so happy I got to be a part of their York, PA ceremony at Regents' Glen Country Club. They had a beautiful day to celebrate with family and friends under a sunny sky. Their reception even included some tad pole catching!  

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Chris and Kelsey at Lorimer Park

Sometimes the best medicine for a busy day is a walk in the park. Chris and Kelsey have a pretty amazing wedding story from their ceremony abroad to the time with their family catching up. I'm so happy I got to be a small part of their memories with their beautiful shots from their photography session. Taking a little inspiration from Up, this session was such a fun and relaxing evening with two totally awesome people that I know will have a long, amazing life together! romano032romano033 romano034 romano035 romano036 romano037 romano038 romano039 romano040 romano041 romano042 romano043 romano044 romano045 romano046 romano047 romano048 romano049 romano050 romano051 romano052 romano053 romano054 romano055 romano056 romano057 romano058 romano059 romano060 romano061 romano062



Lock Ridge Park fun

What better way to celebrate my last week of school than with a shoot with this amazing family? The cutest little lady and an adorable dog definitely make any shoot a success. Kendall was such a good sport through it all! And I learned a new song =)  

amanda_nate_kendall_01 amanda_nate_kendall_02 amanda_nate_kendall_03 amanda_nate_kendall_04 amanda_nate_kendall_05 amanda_nate_kendall_06 amanda_nate_kendall_07 amanda_nate_kendall_08 amanda_nate_kendall_09 amanda_nate_kendall_10 amanda_nate_kendall_11 amanda_nate_kendall_12 amanda_nate_kendall_13 amanda_nate_kendall_14 amanda_nate_kendall_15 amanda_nate_kendall_16 amanda_nate_kendall_17 amanda_nate_kendall_18 amanda_nate_kendall_19 amanda_nate_kendall_20 amanda_nate_kendall_21 amanda_nate_kendall_22 amanda_nate_kendall_23 amanda_nate_kendall_24 amanda_nate_kendall_25 amanda_nate_kendall_26 amanda_nate_kendall_27 amanda_nate_kendall_28 amanda_nate_kendall_29 amanda_nate_kendall_30 amanda_nate_kendall_31 amanda_nate_kendall_32 amanda_nate_kendall_33 amanda_nate_kendall_34 amanda_nate_kendall_35 amanda_nate_kendall_36 amanda_nate_kendall_37 amanda_nate_kendall_38 amanda_nate_kendall_39 amanda_nate_kendall_40

A beautiful day for some beautiful people.

I had the pleasure of meeting John and Ann back in August when we did our first shoot together for their engagement. These are two of the most in love people I think I've ever met. Their wedding day was not short at all on smiles and laughing. Seriously. I don't know if there was a second that they didn't look explosively happy. I couldn't be more excited about being a part of their wedding at the Pearl S. Buck Estate. Tara Tyan and I had no trouble capturing all of the gorgeousness of the day.  



john_ann_wedding_01 john_ann_wedding_02 john_ann_wedding_03 john_ann_wedding_04 john_ann_wedding_05 john_ann_wedding_06 john_ann_wedding_07 john_ann_wedding_08 john_ann_wedding_09 john_ann_wedding_10 john_ann_wedding_11 john_ann_wedding_12 john_ann_wedding_13 john_ann_wedding_14 john_ann_wedding_15 john_ann_wedding_16 john_ann_wedding_17 john_ann_wedding_18 john_ann_wedding_19 john_ann_wedding_20 john_ann_wedding_21 john_ann_wedding_22 john_ann_wedding_23 john_ann_wedding_24 john_ann_wedding_25 john_ann_wedding_26 john_ann_wedding_27 john_ann_wedding_28 john_ann_wedding_29 john_ann_wedding_30 john_ann_wedding_31 john_ann_wedding_32 john_ann_wedding_33 john_ann_wedding_34 john_ann_wedding_35 john_ann_wedding_36 john_ann_wedding_37 john_ann_wedding_38 john_ann_wedding_39 john_ann_wedding_40 john_ann_wedding_41 john_ann_wedding_42 john_ann_wedding_43 john_ann_wedding_44 john_ann_wedding_45 john_ann_wedding_46 john_ann_wedding_47 john_ann_wedding_48 john_ann_wedding_49 john_ann_wedding_50 john_ann_wedding_51 john_ann_wedding_52 john_ann_wedding_53 john_ann_wedding_54 john_ann_wedding_55 john_ann_wedding_56 john_ann_wedding_57 john_ann_wedding_58 john_ann_wedding_59 john_ann_wedding_60 john_ann_wedding_61 john_ann_wedding_62 john_ann_wedding_63 john_ann_wedding_64 john_ann_wedding_65 john_ann_wedding_66 john_ann_wedding_67 john_ann_wedding_68 john_ann_wedding_69 john_ann_wedding_70 john_ann_wedding_71 john_ann_wedding_72 john_ann_wedding_73 john_ann_wedding_74 john_ann_wedding_75 john_ann_wedding_76 john_ann_wedding_77 john_ann_wedding_78


Christmas eve winter wonderland

This Christmas I got to spend some of my time with the gigantic Mashack family. They do Christmas eve right. A whole night of big family time, Christmas fun, and a whole lot of love. We even got a little snow to top it of. Not too fun to get to Christmas eve dinner, but completely beautiful to shoot in so I'm ok with it. In and out all night, we did portraits of everyone and their families...and let me tell you...there are a lot of them. I wouldn't have spent my Christmas eve any other way. Also, this family is seriously gorgeous. See for yourselves. =)  

c_eve01 c_eve02 c_eve03 c_eve04 c_eve05 c_eve06 c_eve07 c_eve08 c_eve09 c_eve10 c_eve11 c_eve12 c_eve13 c_eve14 c_eve15 c_eve16 c_eve17 c_eve18 c_eve19 c_eve20 c_eve21 c_eve22 c_eve23 c_eve24 c_eve25 c_eve26 c_eve27 c_eve28 c_eve29 c_eve30 c_eve31 c_eve32 c_eve34 c_eve33 c_eve35

Amazing family at Valley Forge National Historical park...and the only person to ever warm my hands at a shoot

Freezing temperatures, wind, and blinding sun, this family was awesome. We picked a few spots at Valley Forge National Historical park and went at it. Michelle's family was so fun and nice! Her mother literally warmed my freezing hands at the end of the shoot. The true mark of an incredibly caring person. Also, I love it when people get super excited about a location. Her father (after a long time out in the cold where I'm sure he didn't want to be) found an awesome spot and we got a great shot of the two them. Such a successful day! michelle_blog-1-2 michelle_blog-3 michelle_blog-2 michelle_blog-5 michelle_blog-6 michelle_blog-4 michelle_blog-8 michelle_blog-7 michelle_blog-9 michelle_blog-10 michelle_blog-11 michelle_blog-12

Westward travels

This summer, my first trip was to a little town called Clarion in western Pennsylvania with my buds Jino and Joshy.  I figured now was as good of time as any to allow myself to wander into photos from the past year and work on some memories I’d like to revisit. Clarion served us well with omelets, trees, some river jumping, and a tad bit of rainy camping. There was also a bar somewhere along the way of our 3 hour search of the right campsite that had a big cowboy outside and 37 wing flavors…yes…37…that I will one day revisit. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to stop, but there were so many awesome, nifty little roadside stops. One day I will revisit them. One day. clearion_single-2 clearion_single-4 clearion_single-3 clearion_single-5 blog_1 clearion_single-6 clearion_single-7 clearion_single-10 clearion_single-8 blog_2 clearion_single-11 clearion_single-15 clearion_single-22 clearion_single-23 blog_3 clearion_single-25 blog_4 clearion_single-24clearion_single-26 clearion_single-27 clearion_single-19blog_5 clearion_single-20 clearion_single-18 clearion_single-17 clearion_single-16 clearion_single-21 clearion_single-29 blog_6 clearion_blog-15 clearion_single-32 clearion_single-33 clearion_single-34

Peace out, 2013.

The time has come. Time to look back on the past year and see what I've done. I'm at that point in my life where I think 6 months ago was last week and I can't figure out where all of my time has gone.  Well, this is what I have to show for it. A little look into my life for the past year will hopefully satisfy all of you that are there when I take pictures that you never see. When I started this post, I was thinking about how little I did in the past year. Then I looked through my catalog and felt completely different about it. I may not have traveled the world or jumped out of planes, but I'm proud of myself and all of my friends for what we've made it through in the past year. Hats off to all of you that finished school, completed your thesis shows, worked your asses off to get the perfect shot, started a business, got the perfect job, married the loves of your lives, and found the beauty in the world around you. Last year at this time, we got some not so good, completely unexpected news that turned my world upside down. Looking through my photographs from that time reminded me of all of the feelings that I felt then. So thankful that it wasn't worse, but so scared of what to come. Thinking back on it now, I couldn't be happier for all of the strength and support of family and friends. This year, we're all here. We're all healthy. I couldn't be happier and I couldn't be more proud. I have a kick ass family and an amazing boyfriend.

Looking forward to this year, I hope you all take some time to take long walks, breath in deep, change someones life, be healthy, be happy, and love like you've never loved before. It's a fresh start today. You can be who ever or whatever you want. Me? I can't wait to spend as much time with my family and friends as possible, have countless girls nights, dance my butt off, get strong, be healthy, laugh a lot, finish school, continue to be in love with my best friend, see the world, and make myself the best possible me I could ever imagine. Here's to you, 2014. Ready or not, here I come.

20130106-20130106-IMG_4821-2 blog_1 20130106-20130106-IMG_4896-2 blog_2 20130322-20130322-IMG_5418-2 blog_3 blog_4 blog_13 blog_14 blog_6 20130511-IMG_7258 blog_11 20130516-IMG_7633 blog_10 blog_5 blog_9 20130529-IMG_9454 blog_8 blog_15 blog_16 20130529-IMG_9284 20130517-IMG_7883 blog_17 blog_19 blog_18 blog_2020130725-IMG_3743 blog_22 20130725-IMG_3767 blog_21 20130725-IMG_3821 20130725-IMG_3830 20130806-IMG_5499 blog_28 blog_29 20131012-IMG_1853 blog_30 20131012-IMG_1944 blog_27 20131012-IMG_1838 blog_25 20131011-IMG_1421 20131011-IMG_1407 20131011-IMG_1322 20131011-IMG_1634 blog_26 20131011-IMG_1615 blog_24 20130929-IMG_1052 blog_23 20131019-IMG_0026 blog_33 20131019-IMG_0107 blog_34 20131019-IMG_0123 20131031-IMG_3325 blog_31 blog_32 20131031-IMG_3520 20131031-IMG_3557 20131101-IMG_3671 20131101-IMG_3742 20131103-IMG_3750 20131125-IMG_4594 20131224-IMG_5726 blog_3520131226-IMG_5957 20131226-IMG_6023 20131226-IMG_6006 20131226-IMG_6120 20131226-IMG_6141 20131226-IMG_5945

Just a couple of little bears..

Thanksgiving is always great when you get to spend some quality time in the windy, freezing cold with these two little cubs. Despite the cold and wind, these little buddies did great! Quinn literally looked like a little bear cub crawling around the yard. He was so stinkin' cute!  

lori_blog-3 blog_1 lori_blog-4 lori_blog-5 lori_blog-1 lori_blog-7 lori_blog-8 lori_blog-9 blog_2 lori_blog-14 lori_blog-13 lori_blog-12 lori_blog-26 lori_blog-16 lori_blog-17 lori_blog-18 lori_blog-19 blog_3 lori_blog-22 blog_4 lori_blog-23 lori_blog-25

Holidays and horses

When I first talked with Kate, we were trying to find the perfect location for our shoot with her family. We went back and forth for a little planning and deciding. Then she sent me a picture of her father's amazing, awesome, totally neat vintage truck. Right there I was sold. It's a complete bonus that it was located on her parents' horse farm. When I pulled in, I was stunned at how beautiful their farm was. Complete with a big Christmas wreath on their barn doors and horses and dogs running around. Anything with animals (especially dogs) and I'm in love. This location could not have been more perfect! Even though poor little Brynlee was not feeling too hot, she managed to be completely adorable and steal the show. And we got to be there when she had her first candy cane. This shoot completely got me stoked for Christmas! It was also the perfect time to shoot with one of the new second shooters for this upcoming wedding season. Tara was great and I love the images she captured. So excited for this upcoming season!  

kate_blog-1 blog_7 kate_blog-5 kate_blog-4 kate_blog-6 blog_6 kate_blog-9 blog_5 kate_blog-11 blog_4 kate_blog-14 kate_blog-17 kate_blog-10 kate_blog-15 kate_blog-16 blog_3 kate_blog-31 kate_blog-32 kate_blog-27 kate_blog-30 blog_2 kate_blog-20 kate_blog-21 kate_blog-25 kate_blog-26 blog_1 kate_blog-24kate_blog-33 kate_blog-34 kate_blog-37

A little Thanksgiving Eve treat for all you fine folks!

This is my third time shooting with the Wehrs and every time it gets more and more fun. Kensie is seriously one of the funniest and most photogenic little girls I've ever met. And now there is ANOTHER little one! My first time meeting Colson was no disappointment. This little bundle of joy is adorable! And he has his hands full with a big sister like Kensie. This shoot definitely got the holiday spirits rolling. We got to decorate 3 trees..that's right..not just one, but 3..did I mention it was at a Christmas tree farm too? Seeing how excited Kensie was to decorate made this session so fun! Lesson learned...have something fun that you can promise little kids they can do while you're shooting. It makes the images better AND you get to have a fun time. Bonus on both parts. Sparkles and pretty dresses she wants to pose in help as well. Also, how gorgeous is this family, right??? wehr_blog blog_3 blog_2 wehr_blog-8 blog_1 wehr_blog-11 blog_4 wehr_blog-21 blog_5 wehr_blog-13 blog_10 wehr_blog-25 blog_7 blog_6 wehr_blog-24 wehr_blog-14 blog_8 wehr_blog-31

The high cost of low prices...for photographers.

"Rather than a profession, photography has always been a passion for me, a passion closer to an obsession."

-Marc Ribound



I'm afraid the time has come my friends...time to talk about raising prices. It's time for me to announce that come January, session prices for Gabrielle Elizabeth Photography will be raised in order to keep up with the competitive pricing and endless talent found in Philadelphia photography businesses. I know many people don't understand the "high cost" of simply getting your picture taken, but there is so much more that goes into it than customers are aware of. I consider photography an art form. I take great pride in the images that I capture for you and your family and I put my heart and soul into it from the moment we start talking right up to the delivery of your images. I want to have the option to present you with a better product and a more personalized experience than my current prices allow. Gabrielle Elizabeth Photography is making the move into boutique wedding and portrait photography and I want all of you lovely people to come with me! In the works is a complete new website and branding that I can't wait to reveal. It will focus on the personal experience that I aim to create with my clients and include helpful items such as what to expect, pricing guides, what to wear pamphlets, custom slide shows for each client, viewing sessions, and much more that will help us get to know each other and create beautiful, honest photographs of you that capture your unique personality and love. I will be offering more products and stylized shoots as well as wedding collections that include two photographers, prints, and high resolution images. I will also be starting boudoir sessions for brides and lovely ladies to show off their beauty and drop dead gorgeous personalities.

If you're looking to book a wedding or a session with Gabrielle Elizabeth Photography and do so before January 1, 2014, all current prices will be honored. However, any booked after January will be subject to new pricing. So get your bookings in now! This includes all sessions: wedding, portraiture, and boudoir. If you'd like to inquire about a session and get a quote, please email me at I'd love to talk with you and plan out a shoot that fits you perfectly!

If you'd like to read a little bit more on the background of what goes into your photography, this article is pretty funny and sadly accurate: why is wedding photography so expensive?


A trip to the Manayunk Canal

There's nothing like finding new places and people that you find really inspirational and relaxing. Shooting with Caitlin and Ryan was just that. We met up in Manayunk right as the sun was going down for a warm and cozy engagement shoot stroll along Main St and the Manayunk Canal. These two are so great! It was so refreshing to just walk along completely relaxed and take in the new surroundings and the amazing love these two share. I can't wait for their wedding in August. I know it's' going to be a beautiful day! cr_blog-2 cr_blog-4 cr_blog cr_blog-14 blog_6 cr_blog-9 cr_blog-6 cr_blog-10 blog_7 cr_blog-7blog_4 cr_blog-18 blog_2 cr_blog-17 blog_5 cr_blog-28 cr_blog-20 cr_blog-40 cr_blog-23 cr_blog-24 cr_blog-25 cr_blog-21 blog_3 cr_blog-33 blog_1 cr_blog-34


Holiday season kick off!

I was so happy I got to shoot with Jenna and her family. They were so much fun! Especially when her mom was dancing around behind me trying to get everyone to smile. I (probably everyone else in the park as well) loved it. Such a great family!

proof-6blog_1proof-2 blog_3 blog_2 proof-33 proof-109 proof-100 proof-112 proof-80 proof-57 proof-49 blog_4 blog_5 proof-76 proof-73 blog_6 proof-64 proof-114 blog_7 proof-122

Some more fall fun

The Campbell family is always a treat to photograph! Harrison is crazy and jack is completely adorable...what better combo could you ask for? Nothing like watching a kid run around like a maniac with no worry on his mind other than how he's going to escape the dreadful sentence "It's time to go". I love watching these boys grow up and having the pleasure of capturing it. Amazing =)  

bog_3 campbells_blog-3 blog_2 blog_6 campbells_blog-11 bog_4 blog_5 campbells_blog-34 campbells_blog-30 blog_10 20131110-20131110-IMG_0060 20131110-20131110-IMG_0059 blog_1 campbells_blog-25 20131110-20131110-IMG_3935 campbells_blog-31 blog_7 campbells_blog-23 blog_8 campbells_blog-19 campbells_blog-36 20131110-20131110-IMG_4001

Happy Holiday Special is back!


For a limited time only, the holiday special is back in action! Want some great images of you and your loved ones this holiday season? Let's book a fun, creative, and customized shoot to capture the love and happiness that exists in your lives! Need some extra holiday greetings? Add in some Holiday cards to send out to your friends and family. You'll be able to choose from 5 designs that can include 1-3 images from your shoot.

Choose from two packages:

Package 1:


-1 hour shoot

-5 high resolution images on a disk

-5x7 inch print of your favorite image

Package 2:


-1 hour shoot

-5 high resolution images on a disk

-5x7 inch print of your favorite image

Book your shoot now! Special runs through Sunday December 15.


Baby Abram makes his debut!

This little boy didn't make a peep the entire time! He's such a sweet little cutie! And his booties and little caps just pushed the adorable scale over the top!20131026-IMG_0001 20131026-IMG_0014 20131026-IMG_0005 20131026-IMG_3044 20131026-IMG_0008 20131026-IMG_0032 blog1 20131026-IMG_3080 20131026-IMG_3117 20131026-IMG_0040 20131026-IMG_0042 blog3 20131026-IMG_0091 blog2

Double trouble!

I have to say, this was my first time photographing twins..and it was amazing! Double the cuteness! I first had the pleasure of shooting with Selena a few years ago when she contacted me for a head shot for her book, Pushback: How Smart Women Ask--and Stand Up--for What They Want. I'm so happy to have had the chance to meet Selena. She's an incredibly friendly and encouraging person, and I CAN'T WAIT to read her book and hear what she has to say about women standing their ground and getting what they want and deserve. She and her family were wonderful to photograph, and her twins were absolutely adorable and completely pleasant. Here's a few of my favorite from their session! Also, if you're a lovely lady looking to kick butt in your life, check out her book here!


selena blog selena-4blog2 selena-11 blog3 selena-10 blog4 selena-7 blog6selena-15 selena-18 blog5 selena-19 selena-23 selena-24 selena-26 selena-25 blog7 selena-29 selena-30 selena-31